Airline Simulation Games

Join a Flight Simulator Virtual Airline as a pilot!

Virtual AirlinesSimMiles has over 100 real world based flight simulator virtual airlines. You could join any of these as a virtual airline pilot. All that you need is a copy of Flight Simulator FSX or Flight Simulator FS2004. You could then use the SimMiles flight tracking software to fly a flight online in real time using any online flight simulation network or the SimMiles network. As a virtual airline pilot you will get to earn virtual money by flying virtual airline flights for the virtual airline that you join. All you have to do to become a FSX Virtual Airline pilot is select to visit any of the virtual airlines on the list and complete a virtual airline pilot application.

Manage a Virtual Airline

Flight Simulator AirlinesIf you are interested in managing one of the SimMiles virtual airlines then you can visit our main website and complete a virtual airline application. You can setup routes, fleets, schedules, trade stocks, manage pilots, have a forum and use the website. When you manage a virtual airline you call the shots and manage your own virtual airline the way that you want to. Your performance is evaluated by the growth of your virtual airline’s stock. If your virtual airline makes money then your stock goes up and if it loses money then your stock goes down. You are able to setup code share agreements with other virtual airlines in this airline simulation game. SimMiles is the only real time virtual airline simulation and management game available online and will keep your management skills challenged.

Become an Air Traffic Control ATC on our Online Flying Network for Virtual Airlines

Airline Simulation Games On the SimMiles network you can become an Air Traffic Controller in the game and provide ATC services for virtual airlines from airports. SimMiles has it’s own browser based ATC client that is very easy to use. We also have a teamspeak server for voice communications. In order to become an air traffic controller on the network and provide ATC simulation all you have to do is visit the SimMiles website and complete an ATC application. You then select the country and airport that you wish to provide ATC services at.

Flight Simulator Airbus Aircraft

Airline Simulation Games In the SimMiles airline simulation game you can fly a variety of airbus aircraft for your virtual airline or if you choose to manage a virtual airline then you can buy just about any type of airbus aircraft in our virtual airline game. Aircraft include the Airbus A300, Airbus A310, Airbus A320, Airbus A319, Airbus A318, Airbus A321, Airbus A330, Airbus A340, Airbus A380 and the Airbus A350. Some of the virtual airline websites have repaints for the virtual airline liveries for these flight simulator airbus aircraft.

Airline Simulation Games
Airline Simulation Games